Our Story

Brother John’s welcomes the opportunity to participate in reviving downtown and desire to help with the revitalization of the surrounding Stone area. The restaurant hopes to serves as the catalyst to building up and vitalizing the neighborhood and corridor to downtown. Stone Avenue is a major artery into the downtown, college and foothills areas with over 24,000 vehicles driving by the location daily. To assist the restaurant in their efforts, the Tucson City Council granted on November 4th the second of three approvals needed to receive a Government Property Lease Excise Tax incentive (GPLET). This incentive would waive Brother John’s property and renter’s tax for eight years.

While the restaurant has its own identity, elements of the well-established iconic Wildcat House, which closed its doors in 2012, remain for nostalgic purposes. Brother John’s kept the integrity of the history of the dance club built in 1977 while moving in a more mature direction. A complete re-design, remodeling and build-out included repurposing existing Wildcat House materials and incorporating them into the overall theme.